@tyleroakley: Some people know exactly how to make you happy. @ZozeeBo is one of those people for me.


what a beautiful day to mind ya damn business


Holland Roden and Tyler Hoechlin at the signing of Teen Wolf at Comic Con.

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i just wanna shout out the Sciles fandom real quick cause like

i never see any shit from you guys

you just make your fanart and write your fics

and i’ve never heard anyone ask about romantic sciles at a q&a

or use your ship to make the actors uncomfortable

or start any ship wars or anything 

and just ya’ll are great

A+ i love you all


Did you ever just feel so lucky for knowing someone you met online?
Like.. I was one click away from not following you. I was one second away from never even knowing of your existence. 
I would never have been this happy.