Complementary colours: #f0fdff  #f0fff3 #fff2f0

F  o  r   t  h  e  r  e   t  o   b  e   b  e  t  r  a  y  a  l  ,

there would have to have been  t r u s t  f i r s t .

hello i’m eleanor (prev lilypoters), i got bored and  wanted to gif something so i decided to make a psd pack for you. make sure you adjust some settings for it to work well and you have to delete the example layer. please like or reblog if you use/download, don’t claim your own or redistribute, i will know and if it gets more downloads than notes, i’ll probably delete this. other than that enjoy DOWNLOAD.

Holland Roden at Creatures of the Night in Sydney, Australia (August 10, 2014)


lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music